Plastic Injection Molding

What you should be considered when making a final resin selection

Choosing the appropriate material for plastic injection molding part production is critical. There are approximately 85,000+ thermoplastics available in the marketplace. Within the vast material options available, there are approximately 40 polymer blends or families.

A variety of attributes should be considered when making a final resin selection such as:

Chemical Resistance-Should the strength of the material protect against chemical or solvent reaction?
Tensile Strength-What is the resistance of the material to breaking under tension?

Durability-What is the material’s ability to withstand pressure, damage or wear?
Flexibility-Can the material bend without breaking?
Temperature Resistance-Will the product be exposed to high or low temperatures? How will it react to other factors or materials in the manufacturing process?

Aging-Is there a shelf life required for the material?
Impact Resistance-What is the ability of the material to withstand a high force or shock applied to it over a short period of time?
Environment-Will outside factors impact the product such as weather, chemicals, or other conditions?
Overmolding-Working with two independent materials, how and
will the two materials interact with each other in the manufacturing

Material Cost-Will you select a premium or equivalent grade material?
Product Availability-What is the lead time (availability) of the material?

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