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How to Find a Good Mold Maker in China

There are lots of different standard mold makers in China. The most important and difficult thing is to choose the right mold maker for a company at the beginning. Sometimes it takes a long time.To find a good mold maker in China with reasonable price is really not as difficult as you think was. You should know something about the Chinese mold market.First of everything you’d better to know is what do you really want from the mold maker with your prices. To attend mold trial is kind of a right thing, a suggestion you may also follow is requesting sampling video for each trial to save your time and traveling cost. Of course there are some exceptional for some very complicated and super big molds, in the other meaning for some very expensive molds.

How Do I Narrow Down My Options?

You may have a long list of possible manufacturers at this point. To narrow it down, look for:

  • Manufacturers that make products similar to yours . Ideally, you want a manufacturer that specializes in this type of product.
  • Manufacturers that do most of their exporting to the U.S. or other Western countries. These Chinese manufacturers will generally have higher quality standards, and have proven they are able to meet the expectations of Western importers in terms of compliance with product safety, labeling and packaging regulations. They’re also more likely to have experience with the logistics of shipping products internationally and a greater ability to get your products through the accompanying red tape.
  • Come up with a shortlist of three to five possible Chinese manufacturers that you’re considering. Before proceeding any further, have them sign a nondisclosure agreement specifically for overseas manufacturers.
  • Once the manufacturers have agreed to nondisclosure of your idea, your next step is getting a request for quotation (RFQ). Send them images of your product prototype with details such as what materials you want to use, the size of the product, and anything else they’ll need to know in order to make the item.

In your RFQ, find out:

  • Prices for Mold & Products
  • Time to manufacture. How long will it take to make your order? This can make or break your choice of supplier, since you don’t want to wait too long to get your products.
  • Payment terms. How and when does the manufacturer expect to be paid? As a new customer, be aware that you might have to pay the entire amount of your first order upfront. Be sure to ask about future payment terms if you become a regular customer.

Be sure you get the same information from each Chinese manufacturer so you’re making a straight comparison of what they offer.

Do I Need to Visit the Factory in Person?

Unless you’re placing a very large, complicated order, it shouldn’t be necessary. If you’re at all concerned that the company is not legitimate, you can tell them that you will conduct a factory inspection before sealing the deal. Fraudulent companies will be scared off by this tactic, while legitimate ones will welcome it.

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