Plastic Injection Molding


Q: Does your company make mould by yourself?

A: Yes, we are manufacturer with about 15 years of molding experience.

Q: What size range of plastic injection molding machinery do you operate?

A: We operate 20 plastic injection molding machines from 80 tons to 1800 tons. Many machines are capable of multiple core pulls for complex plastic injection molded parts.

Q: What markets does your Plastic Injection Molding group serve?

A: Our plastic injection molding group services in the electronics,Automotive parts, Home Appliance parts,Housewares Parts,erospace, Medical Device, industrial, and construction markets. As a custom plastic injection molder we seek diversity in many markets and focus our skills on part geometry for molding, material, and product application.

Q: What type of information is required for quoting a molding project?

A: We’ll need more specifics like the quantity needed, material preference, part prints or CAD files, part samples (if available), description of part application, including UV exposure, chemical resistance, FDA requirements,time frame for production parts.

Q:What types of molding services do you offer?

A: We design the mold for production, make the mold, and run production parts.

Q: What material should I use for my project?

A: Most material is application specific. If you don’t have a material selected for your application, we can help and offer some guidance. Often several resins can be sampled but the customer has final approval before proceeding.

Q: What is the typical process of a new project?

A: We will evaluate your part design and modify it to be efficiently injection molded. Then, we will build the mold for the part. Next, your mold will be put into an injection molding press to make production parts. On average the entire process takes 4-7 weeks.

Q: How long does it take to build an injection mold?

A: 4-7 weeks on average, depending on the complexity and cavitations of the mold.

Q: What’s the software you will use to check the drawing? And what’s format of drawing you can check?

A: Our designers and engineers all use AUTO CAD and Soliworks software to check 2D and 3D drawings.
We can check the drawings with PDF, AI, DWG (CAD) and STP (3D) or IGS (3D) formats.

Q: Will you send me the free sample?

A: Yes, We will send free sample to you.

Q: How to pack the moulds and products?

A: For moulds, we will be coated one-layer anti-rust oil first, and then also will be covered thin films on the mould, finally pack into non-fumigation wooden case.And as to products, we will pack into standard export cartons or as per customer’s request to pack.

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