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What are some advantages of using plastic over metals?

Dec 6,18

Even now, over half a century later, many manufacturers are still not really aware of the benefits of choosing plastic …

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Designing Tips for Injection Molded Plastic Parts

May 4,18

Plastic injection molding is used for everything from homeware to industrial parts . Injection-molded plastic parts prove their worth whether …

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Keys to Successful Mold Making

Sep 14,17

The key to a successful and precision part depends on the quality of its mold, but building a reliable, long-lasting …

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New Plastic Product Development Process

Aug 10,17

Below we list a fairly standard sequence of steps that you will probably have to go through in the course …

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4 top design considerations for the injection molding process

Aug 7,17

When you are preparing designs for the injection molding process, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. As …

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Plastic injection molding in the electronic industry

Jun 14,17

Electronics have come a long way in the past few decades,  plastic play important roles in the electronic industry. In many …

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Application of new plastics in the Automotive industry

May 17,17

Plastic parts made from the injection molding process are already a large part of the interior and exteriors of our …

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4 Simple Tips on Cheap Injection Molding

Apr 13,17

Injection Mold is the biggest cost of manufacturing a plastic part.Cheap injection molding is essential especially when you have a limited …

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Sports Equipment Apparatus Injection Mold Case Studies

Apr 1,17

Jingwei industry – Your High Volume, Custom Plastic Parts Injection Molding Specialist If you need a precision high-volume molder you …

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Body Building Apparatus injection mold Case Studies

Mar 27,17

At Jingwei, we manufacture millions of parts every year since 2009. We are proud to have earned a reputation for …

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Factors to consider when planning your custom plastic molding project

Jan 17,17

When planning a Projects involving custom plastic injection molding. You must be as specific as possible as you convey your …

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The Importance of Thermoplastic Materials To Plastic Product Manufacturing

Jan 3,17

The Importance of Thermoplastics To Product Development & Material Efficiency:When it comes to plastic prototype development or plastic product manufacturing, …

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